Development of clear steps for your business success

The MAVR Internet marketing agency specializes in strategic planning for b2b and b2c companies, as well as in conducting and improving the effectiveness of advertising campaigns on the Internet.

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Search engine promotion

SEO or search engine promotion is the strongest side of the company. Vladyslava Rykova is one of the TOP 3 experts of the Digital market according to Aspeak

Social network promotion

One of our strengths is social network promotion and targeted advertising. This is evidenced by a huge number of implemented cases.

Contextual advertising on Google

Order contextual advertising with maximum return on investments. A fast and reliable way to be on the first positions of search engines and attract the target audience!

Consulting and outsourcing

We conduct marketing audits, consultations, individual and collective trainings. We organize conferences, webinars and other training events.

Marketing agency

We develop a unique marketing strategy

We define the promotion goals — what our customer wants to get when the work is complete. We conduct marketing research of the market, target audience, and competitive environment. When developing a strategy, we take into account all available data.

We cover all possible ways of promotion

The Internet marketing strategy includes the creation of an image and advertising concept, development of content strategy, distribution of various communication channels application.

We provide feedback

Starting from the Internet marketing strategy development, and further, during implementation, our customers receive full feedback on the results of the campaign. At the end of the campaign, we give the necessary recommendations for further work.

We use resources efficiently

Experience shows that big sales do not always depend on expenditures on website promotion and advertising campaign. The final result depends much more on the proper organization of the campaign. We achieve maximum efficiency and help save our customers’ budgets using strategic Internet marketing.

We use experience and new solutions

When carrying out strategic Internet marketing, the MAVR agency actively uses the personal achievements of each team member, as well as successful cases of domestic and western marketing agencies.

We implement the strategy we have developed

We implement the adopted strategy tracking interim results and adjusting future actions taking into account changes. The main goal in this process for us is the final result, not following the plans.

98% of satisfied customers

Those who have decided to cooperate with us, stay with our agency for a long time and recommend us to friends and colleagues.

35+ awards

Profile certificates and diplomas

324 projects

That make up our practical experience and knowledge of business specifics.

4200+ hours

Conducted as speakers of profile events.

Strategic Internet Marketing

For several years of work in the Internet marketing market of Ukraine and global market, we have become convinced that the most effective and efficient is marketing aimed at achieving long-term results. Quick decisions as a response to the current situation bring only temporary improvements. And this does not coincide with the goals and objectives of our customers, as well as with ours.

Our approach to promoting your product or brand

Building long–term friendly and trusting relationships with customers, comfort and mutual respect are in the first place in the company. We aim to achieve high results by treating projects as our own. The main task of the company is to ensure that along with the quality of the work done, customers receive only positive emotions from cooperation with us. The motto is “We don’t sell marketing services, we build relationships.”

Application of marketing strategies and tools

Using our own experience, as well as the achievements of successful online marketing companies, we have developed an effective strategic approach to increasing sales from your website. Good knowledge of the market and its features allowed us to adapt the experience of western marketers to our conditions:

  • we plan, provide implementation and support of search engine promotion of the website;
  • we are engaged in the mobile application promotion;
  • we develop and implement social network promotion campaigns;
  • we use contextual advertising technologies to increase sales from your website (Google Ads, advertising campaigns in social networks);
  • we increase brand awareness and loyalty of your customers with the help of Email marketing.